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Next Battlefield Game In 2018 Will Bet Set In World War 2 & Will Have Loot Boxes – Silverback News

So rumor has it along with this image leak that the next Battlefield game for 2018 will be set in World War 2. Unfortunately for myself and a couple of others we will not be getting a Bad Company 3. Also there will be loot boxes in this new Battlefield so here are my thoughts. Source:

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Rainbow Six Siege Will Start Banning Players For Using Hate Speech – Silverback News

In order to weed out the toxic players online, Ubisoft is taking steps to resolve this issue by banning players who use hate speech, foul language and racist slurs or remarks. Here is my thoughts on the matter.   Source:

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Microtransactions are coming back to Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Silverback News

As if we need the problem to come back to a game that we had a problem with in the first place. EA announces that microtransactions will be returning to the game. Here’s my take on it.             Source

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