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Starbucks Is Not At Fault For The Two Black Men That Were Arrested

All the rage and anger people are directing towards Starbucks after the recent incident in Philadelphia resulting two black men being arrested is not necessary. People are not going after the source of the issue in which caused the police to come to the Starbucks store and arrested the two black men. In my video I explain exactly who is

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Great Mills High School student, Jaelynn Willey, Passes Away.

It’s real unfortunate that one of the victims of the Maryland school shooting died recently from her wounds. Myself and many others thought that there were no casaulties in this event, besides the shooter until news broke out that one of the students who was injured died Thursday March 22, yesterday at 11pm.   source:

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Stupid Mother Arrested Over Facebook Video Of A Baby Smoking

One of the many reasons why I people should not have kids is priorities. In this story you will see a mother who posted a Facebook video earlier today of her baby smoking. Seriously what runs through the heads of these stupid mothers who do stupid things for attention with their kids on the internet.   source:

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