My Complete Experience At Florida Supercon 2018

The fact that this year’s Supercon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was just as good as last year’s tells me that I want to go to more convention events in the near future. This past weekend was filled with positivity, laughter, and overwhelming lots of cosplayers.


Lots of my favorite celebrities were there this year. I happened to take photos of the ones I really wanted to meet in person  and have the chance to take a photo with them. Steven Cardenspar from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 and 3 and Power Rangers Zeo. Rey Mysterio from WCW, ECW and WWE. Mike Coulter from the Netflix series Luke Cage. Lastly, Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, from the animated series, to Justice League, the Batman Arkham series and much more. I happen to see Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn. Tara Strong, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Greg Cipes and Nakia Burrise. The lines at the celebrity section was really packed Saturday and Sunday. So Sunday was the best course of action to take autographs and selfies with the celebs.

As for the convention floor, if you never been to a convention before just imagine a place where all the geeks, nerds, dorks, weeaboos, artists, and otakus all come together. You have so many vendors. Whether they cater to gaming, anime, sci-fi, tv shows, movies, comics, fan fiction, horror you name it. It is all there at Florida Supercon. There is something for everyone and eventually you’ll find something there that you may want to purchase. Believe me, you’re gonna need a bigger bag and some extra cash because you can literally go broke at Supercon.

As for the food, it is a improvement from last year’s convention. Though still a bit pricey for just a cheeseburger and a drink that’ll cost you $13. Like you can get two meals with that from a fast food place. However there are other options where to eat and drink so that’s a plus.

This year I planned to do interviews with cos-players whose cosplay I found interesting to my eyes and so far conducted over ten interviews. Exchanged my business card with the cos-players so that they know where to find my content and this was a first time thing for me. I never done interviews before with anyone and I was very nervous but excited to do one. It’s one thing to ask a cos-player to have a photo with them but its another thing to ask them for a one minute interview. Though of course some of my interviews went on for two or three minutes. I had to get comfortable with the cos-players as they got comfortable with me interviewing them. Just having a small discussion on what brought them to SuperCon this year, their cosplay of choice and where can people find them on Instagram. I felt good after doing a interview and moving on to the next. Yeah I had people who turned down my interviews but that didn’t discourage me from doing another one. Some people had exhibitions to go to (or so they say) or just wasn’t interested. That was fine.

I’ve been able to document all three days of my experience at Florida SuperCon. Showing people what I did, who I interacted with and record and share the random moments that took place at the convention.

Here’s day one


Here’s day two


The final day


Overall I had such an amazing experience at Florida SuperCon this year. It was even better than last year and last year was really good. So my expectations went through the roof. Minus the minor negatives, still great time. I had fun. I will definitely come back next year and this has also motivated me to go to other Con events. There’s one coming up in Tampa on August 3-5. I may or may not go. Depending on financial situation. In November there’s Ranger Stop, which is a Power Ranger themed event. I will definitely go to that one. It’ll give me enough time to organize and be ready. So with that said, if there is a con event happening next to you, go to it and experience what its like to surround yourself among people who are just as passionate about your interests as much as you do.




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