Blanche Ely High School on Lock Down Due To Misunderstanding

The fact that I was there when it all took place, my initial thought was I hope this isn’t a school shooting. Perhaps maybe its a really big fight that’s taking place. However when you see a lot of police cars swarming the place and you also see a Armored truck going to the school, one can only assume that this could be a school shooting.

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Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Turns out it was a huge misunderstanding by the teacher who clearly didn’t recognize one of the students so she alerts the authorities. Thus prompting a school lock down, heavy police presence, helicopter surveillance and concerned people in the neighborhood. There were rumors of a weapon being present in the school but Broward Sheriff Office deputies confirmed that there was no weapon on campus at all.

If I were that teacher, I’d be dusting off my resume by now. I know that Principal has to be super pissed that all of this happened over a misunderstanding.

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