Gaming Critic, John Bain passes away at 33.

I am truly sadden by this. I am on my way home from work and I check my social media to find out that John Bain aka TotalBiscuit, who is best known for his YouTube video content, “WTF is…” the Co-Optional Podcast, and many more has passed away today on May 24th, 2018 at the age of 33. He lost his battle due to stage 4 cancer and fought hard to continue to live and keep doing what he loved.


It was this man that I became aware of what the gaming industry was becoming or already has become into. Companies giving the consumers unfinished games. Charging extra money for additional content that should of been in the game, just overall bad business practices that were not beneficial to the gamers, the consumers. I enjoyed his WTF is….series when he talked about a game he played and break it down on how it played, how it looked, performed and content. It was thanks to him I’ve become smarter when it comes to purchasing games and waiting to see what bad business practices these gaming companies would imply on us, the consumers/gamers. I got onto John during the PS3 era when publishing companies like Capcom, EA, Ubisoft were literally screwing over consumers with unfinished products and then charge you extra for it. He spoke out for all gamers. Regardless of race, religion, sex, or affiliation. That to me, made me respect his work and I became a follower of his.

It sucks to see him pass away at such a young age of 33. We lost a real treasure in the gaming community and his legacy will live on. Gamers who are on the YouTube scene know of this man, whether you hate him or not. Fuck cancer. My condolences to his wife Genna, his family and everyone who was near and dear to John. Rest in Heaven John, you will be missed.



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