Black Woman Claimed The Police Officer Raped Her Until The Body Cam Footage Came Out.

It’s one thing to hate the police and voice your displeasures with them. I’m fine with that. However don’t think that if you make up a lie saying that one of the police officers raped you that you’ll get away with it. Especially in this day of age of technology, where cops have body cameras. This isn’t the first story an incident like this happened where someone made a false allegation against the police and the proof comes to the light. Not a good look on your credibility.

Then you have a far-left jackass like Shaun King aka “Talcum X” running off with this false allegation. Why people still listen to this fraud, I have no clue but the fact that they are sheep.


Here’s the whole body cam footage from start to finish



Shaun King damage control





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