Here Are My Thoughts For God of War

Let me first start out that granted towards the end boss of the game I fully and thoroughly enjoyed the story that this game offered. I was and still disappointed about the final boss and I expected a much climatic battle like the previous God of War games, still this game still delivered a overall quality single player experience. I like the new direction of where the story and lore of the God of War series is going and I would hope to see more in the future with upcoming God of War games. This game is a guaranteed must own for this generation for those who plan on or currently own a Playstation 4. Enhance your gaming experience with the Playstation 4 Pro and play at 4k resolution or at a performance mode at 1080p uncapped frame rate.


Some screenshots I took in game (SPOILERS)

God of War_20180420212422God of War_20180420213218God of War_20180420214445God of War_20180420222905God of War_20180420222930God of War_20180422010439God of War_20180422010445God of War_20180422010455God of War_20180422230201God of War_20180423135815God of War_20180423143731God of War_20180423185918God of War_20180423190225God of War_20180423190822God of War_20180423190851God of War_20180423202803God of War_20180423202815God of War_20180423205342God of War_20180423211419God of War_20180423211524God of War_20180423211555God of War_20180429171503God of War_20180429171534God of War_20180501204226God of War_20180501204237God of War_20180501211831God of War_20180501211838God of War_20180501212544God of War_20180501212606God of War_20180501212614God of War_20180501212943God of War_20180501213244God of War_20180501213255God of War_20180501213316God of War_20180501213325God of War_20180501213403God of War_20180501213513



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