Kid Gets Suspended From School For Not Participating In #NationalWalkOut

You know, when I was in high school I went to school to learn. I knew nothing of politics at that time and Myspace was starting up. So at that time there was no political agenda being pushed onto the young audience. So in this story, a kid gets suspended from school for not participating in a National school walk out in honor of the 17 lives that were lost in Majory Stoneman Douglas High School. Now it would make sense if the school where the shooting took place were the ones doing this. I would respect that. However not every school in the nation needs to partake in this made up event. It wasn’t about the 17 people that lost their lives, no. It was to push the gun control agenda that the mainstream media keeps pushing. Now they are using kids, teenagers to do it.

Despite that, not every student took part in this event and some are being punished for it and even bullied by their fellow classmates. They came to school to learn, not to push a political agenda because of your feelings. Anyway here’s my thoughts on the student who got suspended for not being a part of it and I applaud him for it.



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