Ungrateful Mother & Her Garbage Boyfriend Charged With Murder For Killing A 4 Year Old Child

I am sickened by this story that was brought to me and the video I watched with the child’s father broken, in tears due to the murder of his 4 year old daughter, Aniya Day-Garrett. 4 years old. No child deserves that at all. They weren’t asked to be on this earth or to be born. Yet this ungrateful human garbage of a mother, Sierra Day and her boyfriend Deonte Lewis decided to get rid of the young girl so that the father will never get custody of his child. I can only place the majority of the blame on the mother since the child was within her custody. Ladies, I have said this before, be careful who you lay in bed with and be careful you who let into your child’s life who isn’t the father. Men, the same message goes to you as well. Don’t knock up any woman that you don’t want to be a mother of your child. That way you can avoid a situation like this


Here’s a photo of the father, Mickhal Garrett along with his daughter Aniya.  I’m sadden by this as this man will never have another moment to share with his daughter.

Here’s my commentary on the situation.






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