4 Broward Sheriff Deputies Stayed Outside Of School During Mass Shooting

I guess Blue Lives do matter in this case since during a shooting taking place inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Not one of the deputies went in and try to stop the situation from escalating further with more causalities. I guess they feared for their lives this time around instead of when its usually a man who is unarmed and then gets shot from moving a certain way. I am being sarcastic about it because how often we hear that the police are there to protect and serve us, the people. They were their uniform everyday to risk their lives for us and in this incident that wasn’t the case and 17 people are dead. What’s worse is that the police knew kid had guns and did nothing. The FBI knew. The people in the school knew and nothing was done to prevent this. This is an embarrassment to the people of Broward County as well as our police department who did nothing to the obvious red flags. Good job guys.




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