Trans-Age Chicago Man Accused Of Molesting 3 Young Girls

There are sick people out there that like to prey on young children. It is the duty of the parent(s) to make sure that their safety and security is their top priority. Nothing else should come before that. They also need to be highly cautious on who they let interact with their children. In most cases like these, it is someone they know.

Then you come to a story like this where this grown man who “identifies” as a young boy trapped in a adult body or trans-age. These sick fucks exist and can move very freely in the “trans” community where they can identify with whatever bullshit that they feel that moment. It’s getting to the point where there is no accountability within the trans community that actions like this will not be called out and condemned. You will have people who will defend this action and say its normal. Yeah, there’s something normal about a grown adult man who identifies as a young boy who sexually assaults young little girls who aren’t even 10-years-old. When I was a little boy I worried about the next toy I would get or going outside and play with the neighborhood kids, not sexually messing with girls because at that age I didn’t know what sex was.

This needs to be addressed because it is slowly becoming a problem where adults are messing with children and it should never be justified at all.

Here’s my take on the situation…





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