Another Teacher Arrested & Accused of Sexual Misconduct On A Minor

Hearing news like this doesn’t get old but we have heard it very so often where a young teacher between the ages of 2–35 decides to have sexual relations with one of her students which happens to be a minor. What is it with these teachers wanting young penis? Like seriously she couldn’t find a single guy well into his mid to late 20s who may have the sexual experience she may want to fulfill her sexual desires? Nope. Not good enough. They’ll go for the young prepubescent penis, take advantage of the kid in their sick twisted sexual fetishes they have and go forth and perform actual intercourse or oral on them. I still don’t get it. Like why throw away your career you worked your ass for, ruin your reputation and forfeit any trust that people will have with their children. You have to be a dumb ass to do that. Here’s my take on the situation


Valeria Costadoni, is from Asuncion, Paraguay. She moved to the Miami area in the early ’90s. She taught at the Miami Arts Charter School for seven years where she taught English and AP Literature. She was loved and admired by her students and it is being told that she also had favorites among her students due to a review left on RateMyTeachers.

I also found that there are photos of her wearing clothes that made her look like as she was in her teens just like her students.


Now the very last picture looks creepy to me. I wouldn’t want to trust no adult who is dressed like that around my child by any means necessary. I get that you want to blend in and feel young like your students but there is a boundary you do not cross. That’s just my opinion.



Valeria Costadoni: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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