Singer, Ginuwine refuses to accept a kiss from a Trans Woman. Chaos ensues on social media.

The infection is good at telling people how they should live their life and if they do not abide by their standards then they will scold you, harass you and belittle for you having own own opinion, your own morals and not having to abide by anyone else’s standards but your own. Yet this is the same group of people that tells society that we should love and accept one another. Sounds good on paper and when said until you have ideas of your own that don’t align with theirs.

Now the Infection are attacking R&B singer Ginuwine for not wanting to date a trans woman and refusing to receive a kiss from one, India Willoughby.  I made a video giving my thoughts on the subject matter and found it ridiculous that people, on the Infection, are attacking Ginuwine for his own personal preference.



“Ginuwine Refused To Kiss A Trans Woman On Live TV And Now The Internet Is At War.”, 8 Jan. 2018,


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