Celebrities Should Never Become President of the United States

I am no fan of Oprah Winfrey but to me she isn’t a bad person. Self made billionaire, talk show host, actor and philanthropist she’s very successful in her carrier and has a huge following. However at the Golden Globe awards she gave a speech. Now in this speech nowhere did it say, she say, that she would run for President.

However media outlets say that she should consider running for President of the United States in 2020. Now after hearing this my initial thoughts were, I thought Democrats wanted Bernie Sanders to run again. Or Michelle Obama, or Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, or Maxine Waters. Last thing this country needs is another celebrity running for President and winning. Hello Donald Trump.

Anyway here’s my video on the subject at hand on why celebrities like Oprah Winfrey should not become the President of the United States.


Funny thing about all this is that, the tv animated series, The Boondocks predicted something like this years ago. Interesting isn’t it.



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