Black Woman Gets Shot While Being Live On Facebook In Chicago

Here we have another case of “Keeping It Real, Goes Wrong” and “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.” I don’t care how tough and hard you act on the internet to entertain your fans, you go messing with someone who you know who is clearly armed with a firearm. , it’s best not to pick a fight with them by antagonizing them. In this incident you’re about to see in the video I made you’ll see the news report of this and the whole unedited scenario of the incident.


It’s crazy that this isn’t the first time in Chicago someone was shot while being live on Facebook. As you can tell from the News reporter, this isn’t even a new thing that goes on in Chicago when it comes to gun violence. All I can say is that, she shouldn’t talked that shit if she didn’t have equal or greater fighting power on her. Pick your fights wisely. Don’t go poking the bear and thinking it won’t maul you to death.



“Shooting of Chicago Woman Captured on Facebook Live.” WFLD,

“Chicago Girl Gets Shot On Facebook Live.” FlyHeight,


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