Baby Daddy Calls The Police On His Baby Mother For Not Being Able To See His Children – Is This Justified Or No?

A video has surfaced on social media of a mother being arrested on a warrant due to “interfering with custody exchange.” This warrant comes from mobile Alabama. I’m guessing the children, who appear to be two 11 year old twin girls were suppose to be with the father during the holiday season but there isn’t any concrete facts that has surfaced yet. What I found a bit strange in the video is that there were parts were you can see the video having a part of it cut out as if it was edited. The mother being arrested decided to record the video and have the phone placed where you can see what is actually going on. Then it cuts. Here’s the video

Do you think this was justified? That the father went through the legal system to report that the mother of the children “interfered with the custody exchange” by not allowing him to take custody of his children or no? Honestly the situation looks bad because it causes distress among the children as you hear them crying in the background. If the mother is wrong then she will face the consequences. So I believe this was justified but this situation could of been handled differently in my opinion.


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