President Trump Says Haitian Immigrants “All Have AIDS” True or False?

Now when this first broke out on my Facebook timeline my initial response was, “Did he really just say that? Or is something being taken out of context again?” So I investigated and read the article from the New York Times. Mind you, the NYT have a bias towards Donald Trump. If you read most of their articles it is usually something not good that he is doing or something taken out of complex. In this instance he is upset that many immigrants have received visas to enter the United States in 2017. 2,500+ from Afghanistan, calling it a “terrorist haven.” 15,000 from Haiti, “they all have AIDS,” he grumbled. Forty thousand from Nigeria, “Once they had seen the United States, they would never go back to their huts in Africa.” Yeah that right there is racist  to say. As if you know the immigrants who are coming to America that are living in huts. Are they living in worse conditions? Probably so. Who are we to judge?

Now it’s no secret that Trump is very strong on immigration laws. He wants illegals out. Not to enter our country through illegal means. I get that and fully understand and agree. However what if the immigrants that are entering the United States are going through the legal system? Getting a visa, they love it here because of the opportunities and freedom and decide to be a productive member of society? They get a work permit and then a green card and finally a citizenship. I really don’t see a problem with that if illegals immigrants are the source of the problem. So why not praise the immigrants who come in legally?

Now from CNN I have a video of the White House denying NYT report claiming Trump said Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS.”

Now NYT are sticking to their source I find it odd that CNN who is usually against Trump hasn’t decided to jump on this subject as well. I guess they want to know if what was said is true or not.

Anyways here’s my video about me talking about this subject. Let me know what are your thoughts on it. Do you believe it to be true or not.


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