Linda Sarsour Accused Of Covering Up The Sexual Assault of Women

The first time I heard of Linda Sarsour was this year at the “supposedly” Women’s March that took place after the Presidential inauguration where Donald Trump took office. The Women’s March did absolutely nothing. Nothing was solved. It was a bunch of losers crying about Donald Trump taking office and winning the presidential election. During the Woman’s March you come across Linda Sarsour, an executive director of the Arab American Association and co-founder of the Women’s March. She made a speech at the Women’s March where I just ended up sitting there watching the bullshit spew from her mouth. Calls for a jihad towards Trump, which is very classy of her, wants Sharia law in the United States. Yeah its safe to say that this woman is loony as they can be.

So fast forward a few months later, this crazy woman is back in the media, this time trying to solicit funds from Hurricane Harvey victims for herself. She tried to play it off as if she didn’t know what she was doing.  Then telling the media that she was going to donate to the charities, but why would people donate money to you for those charities when they can donate to those charities directly? C’mon Linda who are you fooling?

Now we come to this event where she’s back again, this time she is being under investigation for trying to cover up sexual misconduct of a woman. Yeah, shocking isn’t it. The same woman who stood in front of a crowd saying that she’s for women and their rights and blah, blah, blah. You know the song and dance by now. It took a New York Democrat to call for this investigation after Sarsour dismissing complaints of her employee’s sexual assault. The reason behind it was according to Asmi Fathelbab, the woman who made the complaint, the victim in all this, told her that she “was not attractive enough to be harassed.” Then Sarsour went on and said that the man that is being accused of this action was a “good Muslim” who feared God and was always at the Mosque.

Now here’s a photo of Asmi Fathelbab

Asmi Fathelbab

Okay, I’ll give Sarsour one on this one. Fathelbab isn’t attractive but its still wrong that this woman had to go through sexual misconduct, report it and then get denied and have the whole incident swept under the rug. That’s not cool. Attractive or not, no one should not have to go through treatment like that. The man responsible is Majed Seif, who would sneak up on Fathelbab when no one is around, touch her and pin her against the wall and rub his erect crotch on her. Yeah, that shit is not cool. The fact that Linda Sarsour is covering this up, threatened this woman saying that she will never work in NYC as long as she lived and had her fired from other jobs I cannot see why people would be behind a piece of shit garbage human being like Linda Sarsour.

I hope people wake up to the bullshit that Sarsour spews out and realize that not only she accused Fathelbab as a liar but also regularly body-shame the woman. Yet Sarsour gave people that bullshit speech saying that she is a ally to Women and their rights. This woman to me is a hypocrite, a liar, and a con artist. All in one. I mean all the evidence is there on the internet and you can see for yourself. Don’t trust Linda Sarsour.



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