My Thoughts on the events of Charolettesville on August 12, 2017


The reason behind all this was that white nationalist arrived in Charolettesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee. Which were met by lots of counter-protesters to shut down the rally and then shit went left.


Here’s a map layout of what went downeventsthatledup

A gray Dodge Challenger speeding into a group of people, injuring some and leaving one dead. The driver responsible for plowing in to the people is Ohio man, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, had been arrested and charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at the scene of a crash that resulted in a death. But the authorities declined to say publicly that Mr. Fields was the driver of the car that plowed into the crowd. Because the windows were heavily tinted and the vehicle quickly left the scene after the car crashed.


A image of the vehicle driving into the crowd


The suspect responsible for driving into the crowd resulting with one death and many injured.


James Alex Fields Jr. 









The woman who died in the car crash incident.


Heather Hayer

Three people are confirmed dead while many others injured. Heather Heyer, the one of the victims of the White Supremacist Terrorist attack in Charlottesville. Two Virginia State Police officers who was in a helicopter crash. It is being investigated and its unclear if it was tied to the nearby protests according to source.

Media blames Trump for not singling out the white nationalist who are responsible for today’s events. Yet says its coming from many sides. He could be referring to BLM protestors, the Antifa protestors, or just regular people in general. Who knows The president came under criticism from some who said he had not responded strongly enough against racism and that he failed to condemn the white nationalist groups by name who were behind the rally. Even so that Republicans were upset at Trump for his statement and not calling out as domestic terrorism. Today he finally comes out and condemns the white nationalists, the KKK, neo nazis and other hate groups.

I find it funny that like Barack Obama, neither one of them will call their own citizens terrorists or point it out unless it fits a narrative. Keep in mind, Dylan Roof wasn’t called a terrorist by Barack Obama but his actions do warrant him being one for what he did. Let that sink in.

A video of David Duke being at Charolettesville. Saying that, this represents a turning point, for the people of this country (doesn’t specify who) to take their country back ( doesn’t specify from who?) and they are going to fulfill the promise of Donald Trump (what promises)

As for the police, people complained about the police not doing anything to interfere with the white nationalist. Several photos and videos surfaced on social media of law enforcement not using force to deescalate the situation. Reason being is because they were told to stand down. The stand down was confirmed by the ACLU who quoted a police source saying, “We’ll not intervene until given command to do so.” That command never came. The question is why? Charolettesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy defended the police actions saying, “I’m not in the business of throwing our police department under the bus, because they’re doing the best job they can. I don’t think the police officers were just twiddling their thumbs.”

My Points

  1. All white people are not racist. They were lots of white people who were against the white nationalists that stood with Blacks, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups. The argument that all white people in the United States is a stupid argument when not every white person believes the same ideology as the white nationalists. They are white people who do believe in equality and believe that we can all coexist and work together for the improvement of society. Besides the two police officers who died in a helicopter crash, Heather Heyer, the one of the victims. She is white. She was there taking a stand against racism and hate.
  2. The saying that “I don’t see color” when talking to or about a person of color is a bullshit statement. Unless you are physically blind. It’s how we treat color. Its how we treat people who are different from you.
  3. Maybe Colin Kaepernick was right. That there is a problem in this country that needs to be addressed. Maybe there is something going on in this country that is putting people at odds against each other and we tend to overlook it because well…it’s not your problem. Remember the phrase, “All Lives Matter?” Haven’t heard that term in a while.

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